The phenomenon of Brocken Specter
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Rainbow and Brocken at the same time , From Airplane , At the Ground Level
Under the Ice Point environment

At Yatsugatake(2,800m) in January
The temperature seemed to be about -15 degrees Celsius.
Not only liquid spherical water particles, small crystals of ice may have the Mie scattering,
 in which the phenomenon of Brocken can be observed.

In the mountains
At the saddle of Chojiro on Mt. Tsurugi(2,800m) in August.
At Hotaka(3,000m) in September
At a ridge of Hotaka(2,600m) in August
At Kitadake(3,000m) in July
At Yatsugatake in July

Rainbow and Brocken appeared in the same time
At Ioudake of Yatsugatake in October
This was a small one.
This photograph is taken at the same time with the left one.
This seems to be a kind of rainbow, which was not colored
because the fog scattered and diffused the color.
I found that non-colored rainbow appears in the mist from hot spring when I was in the middle of mist, standing up and making the shadow of my head smaller so that the shadow do not cover the rainbow. This means that the size of mist has enough variety to project the brocken spectre(small) and colored rainbow(large).
From the airplanes
From an aircraft above Canada (10,000m)
The phenomenon of Brocken Specter appeared on a low cloud.

From an aeroplane above Kyusyu Japan(5,000m)
This time, the cloud was near the plane,
and the shadow of the plane laid on it.

In the Steam of Spa at the Ground Level

This is an example of the phenomenon observed at ground level,
at Jigoku-tani in Tateyama-Murodou area.

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