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This is my travel note to the Mt. Brocken.


Mt. Brocken locates near Hannover in Germany. I took a train from Wernigerode and went sightseeing.
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wernigerode Ancient city Wernigerode.
There is no mountain in the middle of Germany except here.
The train started from here and I changed the train at Drei Annen Hohne.

Steam locomotive of GSB(Harzer Schmalspurbahnen GmbH)

Many people enjoyed this bottle. I bought it too. It was a sweet-taste alcoholic drink (35%).


kein trink wasser
It is very clear expression that foreigner can understand no drink water.

This is the top of Mt. Brocken.
The rails are spiral in order to minimize the gradient of slope.

View from the top of Mt. Brocken.
No mountain can be seen around here.

Tower and one of display, which shows the witch meeting.

Heinrich Heine wrote an account of Hartz, and a path of Heine is used through the forest.

Is this some remains of ancients ?

Some dead trees can be seen.
It may be caused by acid rain.

I made a stopover at Schierke.
Many dolls of witch were dealt here. I bought one of them and took a lunch of Sandwich.
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